Certified Financial Planner® to business owners, Australian Expats, and others with complex financial lives
Minneapolis, MN & Berkeley/San Francisco, CA


Arete Wealth Strategists is an independent, fiduciary-oriented financial planning and investment management firm with locations in the Twin Cities (Minneapolis & St Paul) and the San Francisco Bay Area (San Francisco & Berkeley).


We work with forward-thinking business owners and Australian/American expatriates from across the country.


We bring strategy, structure, clarity and confidence to our clients’ financial lives and keep it that way.

Message from our Principal

Whom We Work With

Business Owners

You want to make the most of opportunities available to you as a business owner, improve cash flow, reduce taxes and transfer or reduce liability.
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Australian Expats


Australian/American expatriates have a challenging financial planning situation dealing with different retirement systems, tax systems, currencies, investment options and employee benefits.
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Individuals & Families


From financial planning, investment management and life/disability insurance services, we give you the confidence that allows you to pursue that which is most important to you.
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Financial planning is a verb – the action of planning – an ongoing activity. We seek to create deep relationships with our clients and work together over the long term as life and plans change.

We work with clients and other professional advisors to model various scenarios as life unfolds. Our clients may see options, make decisions and gain peace of mind over the issues that concern them.

We take a values-based approach to financial planning. Ours is a holistic process that puts the clients’ interests first and focuses on increasing their sense of financial well-being and life satisfaction.

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Investment Management

Arete Wealth Strategists is a private discretionary investment advisor who strives to improve the long term sustainability and quality of net client returns by applying a goal based investment philosophy.

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Goal Based Investment Philosophy

Our focus is providing innovative investment management strategies and solutions taking into account the asset nature/allocation, underlying exposures, concentration risks, diversification goals, liquidity/income requirements, implementation costs, on-going charges, tax efficiency, downside exposure and other client objectives.

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Minimize Costs and Taxes

We recognize that clients are concerned with net returns; that is, after fees and taxes. Our investment approach incorporates this approach into every step of our decision making process.


Life Insurance

Your life insurance needs will vary over time. Our life insurance discussion begins with an analysis of what your needs are today and how they will change over time. We consider such factors as the on-going payment of mortgage’s, college/retirement savings and the progression of time. This enables our client to match coverage with needs over the course of a lifetime and save money.

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Disability Insurance

For many people, their greatest asset is their income earning potential. Selecting the right disability policy is a complex task that requires expert assistance. There are a confusing number of definitions and options when it comes to choosing the right disability insurance policy. Use our expert advice to find the policy that best suits you.

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